Thursday, April 13, 2006

When Customer Service & PMS Collide

This past weekend we discovered that our second TV had lost reception from our satelite dish. After several phone calls to try to fix without a service tech. visit we decided that while we were at it to upgrade our equipment as well.

I scheduled a service call to fix broken dish for yesterday and a service call to upgrade equipment for tomorrow. I asked several times if both calls could be set for the same day, same window of time. I was told NO. Each issue needed it's own appointment.

I spent the afternoon at home catching up on tv & netflix, training the dog, relaxing... and waiting, waiting, waiting. Finally at 5:05 when nobody showed up I called back to customer service to find out what was going on.

The good news was that both service calls CAN be scheduled on the same day & time window. The bad news is they did it without telling me so I took a day off work for no reason. So our equipment will be fixed & upgraded all in one visit tomorrow - phew.

The annoying news is that Dish Network ships it's service calls overseas. How do I know this? Well it's a two parter. First call answered by thick accented man named "Joe". Here is transcript of conversation
Joe (w/ accent): To whom am I speaking?
Me: Sarah
Joe: Can you spell that?
Me: spell it out
Joe: What is the name on the account:
ME: Jxxx Lxxxx
Joe: What is your relation to J
Me: Domestic Partners
Joe: Excuse Me?
Me: Domestic Partners
Joe: I'm sorry I don't know what that is.
Me: Domestic Partners
Joe: Ma'am can you explain? (YEAH - You're based in Tulsa aren't you!)
Me: No - hang up phone.

I call back hoping to get someone based in US to help me. Casper (another accent) answers the call so when I get the relation question I say "married" and we move on.

Let it be known that I have no problem with accents or with those who have a primary language other than English. My problem is with outsourced customer service reps pretending to be located in Booger, Wyoming and assuming names like "Joe" and "Casper" when clearly they are on another contenent.


Joe said...

I asked a guy with a suspiciously heavy Indian accent from Linksys (NEVER USE THEIR PRODUCTS!) where he was: "Massachusetts."

What city? "Boston."

Who won the Super Bowl this year (at the time it was the Patriots): "I don't know."

You're not in Boston. "Yes I am."

Dude, you're lying. Where are you? "Bangalore."


SDCrawford said...

I was on customer service with our payroll system and the guy informed me that his error would be corrected and $20,000 rupees - woops Dollars. Dollars! - would be deposited to our account within 24 hours.