Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Officials Helpless Against Looters

So your home is washed away... your city is 80% underwater... everyone is evacuating... Time to loot!

My question is: WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO WITH THAT STOLEN STUFF????? You have nowhere to put it. You have nobody to sell it to. You just gonna wade the streets with a pile of junk on an old wooden door?

Someone please explain to me.

Mah nah mah nah....

Do doo do do doo do

Monday, August 29, 2005 - registration

"Before you've finished your breakfast this morning, you'll have relied on half the world"
- Martin Luther King

Apparently I'm not doing enough...
An interesting thought. And a depressing one, when you realise that those people you've relied on for your coffee and muesli are almost certainly being exploited and oppressed by the unfair power balance in world trade.

But what can you do? Surely it's beyond your control? Wrong. You can buy Fair Trade products. And you can add your voice to the Big Noise.

Fair Trade is a growing, international movement which ensures that producers in poor countries get a fair deal. This means a fair price for their goods (one that covers the cost of production and guarantees a living income), long-term contracts which provide real security; and for many, support to gain the knowledge and skills that they need to develop their businesses and increase sales.

Fair Trade and the Make Trade Fair campaign
The Fair Trade movement has been one of the most powerful responses to the problems facing commodity producers. It gives consumers an opportunity to use their purchasing power to tilt the balance, however slightly, in favour of the poor. But Fair Trade alone can't address the crisis faced by the millions of small-scale farmers and producers whose livelihoods are threatened by low commodity prices and unfair competion from rich countries.

This can only be achieved by changing the unfair rules of world trade so that they work for small-scale producers as well as rich multinationals.

In the meantime, for hundreds of thousands of people, Fair Trade means the difference between a hand-to-mouth existence, and being able to plan for the future.

In the past decade, the Fair Trade movement has really taken off, as consumer awareness of - and indignation at - the treatment of producers in poor countries has increased. More retailers than ever are stocking Fair Trade goods, the number of products on offer continues to grow as demand increases, and more poor communities are feeling the benefits.

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Dingo didn't eat your baby

Probaby because she's got a mullet.

A 25-year-old woman has walked into an Alice Springs newspaper office claiming to be Azaria Chamberlain.
The woman made the claim when she and her 48-year-old partner walked into the offices of the Centralian Advocate, sister paper of the Northern Territory News on Monday.

The woman then went to the Alice Springs police station on Wednesday where she repeated the claim.

Alice Springs Detective Superintendent Don Fry said police had rejected her claims. The woman was prepared to have a DNA test to prove she was the grown-up Azaria Chamberlain.

Azaria disappeared from a campsite at Uluru 25 years ago this month, sparking a legal saga that captivated the nation.

Azaria's mother Lindy was convicted of her murder and her husband Michael for being an accessory to the murder in 1982.

The Chamberlains were released from prison after two appeals in 1986.

They were finally declared innocent in the NT Court of Criminal Appeal in 1998 and it is now accepted Azaria was taken from her tent by a dingo.

Since Azaria's disappearance, scores of bizarre but unproven theories have abounded, including claims the baby had been rescued from a dingo by Aborigines.

Last year Victorian pensioner Frank Cole, then 78, said he and friends shot a dingo carrying a baby in its mouth at Uluru in 1980.

Police offered to investigate Cole's claim but it was dismissed by the coroner.

The woman claiming to be Azaria said on Monday she believed it was time for the truth to be known.

She said she had flashbacks to when she was nine weeks old and found herself between the jaws of a dingo.

The woman has scars on her right arm that she said were made by the dingo.

Her partner said he discovered the woman was rescued from Uluru by a man from Mutitjulu community 25 years ago.

He said she was then given to a white family, which was part of a sect.

The man said his partner was still suffering from years of abuse at the hands of sect members.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

We're #1

As of this moment the A's have once again taken over first place. Let's go Oakland! Let's hope they can hold on until the end... I don't think I can stomach the wild card chase.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Three Things

List 3 things that bug you - things that others may find trivial. Then tag 5 of your friends to do the same:

1. Line waiters. People who get in line because it looks like there is one forming without examining the evidence for the need of a line. How many times in a crowded concert or event have you stood in line for the bathroom only to get near the front and realize that 5 stalls are empty... the doors are just shut. C'mon people! Look before you line up. (this probably only applies to women)

2. Bitching without action. Don't complain about something if you aren't willing to step up and take some proactive steps to correct the situation.

3. Loud music. I hate driving in a car or being at a party where the music is so loud the people can't converse. When you have to turn down the volume to speak to the person in the passenger seat it's a sign the music is too loud.

I'm not sure I have 5 readers... but... tag you're it:
Jenny or Joe

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Me Either (click title for the link)

Actually, I've never understood the rabid attraction to DMB... All the songs sound the same to me. I also think he looks like a bloated turtle, not cute.

Question of the day:
What socially / culturally popular "thing" are you not into?

Monday, August 22, 2005

What's your Potter-nality?

That's me alright...

Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
by Pirate Monkeys Inc.

Are You Jealous?

I saw the American Idol Live concert in Sacramento last night. Bo was out sick so the whole show started out with a big bummer. Nikko Smith wins the award for most improved. That guy can sing & dance. Watch out Justin Timberlake!

Whoever organizes that thing must be raking in the money. The stage was a plain white platform, that's it. The only special effects were lights that went back & forth in blue & white. Wow! I can't imagine the Idols are taking home much cash either.

Each of them got to perform 3 songs. Lots of props to Sacramen-TOE (emphasis on the "to") and one shout out to Cali! Who calls it "Cali"? Nobody I know.

Anyway, it was fun. The best part of the night was playing the game, "Why are they here?". The group next to us were 3 white haired couples. Are they really big fans of Constantine.. or maybe Vonzell? weird.

Highlights of the show: she did NOT perform.
Constantine's version of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.
Jessica and Scott's rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart
the Ukranian still sucks.

We didn't get home until after midnight so I am a bit tired now. Oh and just to clear up any confusion Jane was not my date for the show - you think she'd stoop that low!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Sarah Is...

Thanks Tripp for this game.

Here are the on google for your name. But like this: "Sarah is"

Use quotes. Include the verb. Cut and paste the first ten entries.

sarah is a cute blond prostitute...

sarah is seeking to seeking to fill in the jerusalem area ...

Sarah’s not scared of everything . . . just dogs and lightning and scary movies and the dark and...

Sarah is now known professionally as Sarah...

Sarah is passionate, highly knowledgeable and down to earth...

Sarah is dedicated to her work and is a leader of teens, and parents...

Sarah is a cancer-free, happy teenager, and she hopes to enroll in a nursing

Sarah is an artist...

SARAH IS BEAUTIFUL Sarah is beautiful inside and out...

Sarah is wonderful and there's no doubt.