Friday, September 23, 2005

Fan Appreciation Day

What a bummer. Work is sending me to NYC for the week and I had to sell my tickets to the A's game giveaway of the Bobby Kielty Troll Doll

The A's have a chance to win the west and I'll be stuck in NY booing the Yankees.

Let's Go Oakland!

Monday, September 19, 2005

The source for my random statements

I'm a huge fan of Celebrity Jeopardy on Saturday Night Live. Click on the title for a listing & video clips of all episodes for the last 10 years.

a few of my favorite categories (per Sean Connery)
Anal Bum Covers (An Album Cover)
Swords (S' Words)
Ape Tit (A Petite Dejuneir)
The Penis Mightier (The Pen Is Mightier)
The Rapists (Therapists)

The best final Jeopardy answers:
Suck it, Trabek

Friday, September 16, 2005

A Rooftop Bar in San Francisco!!!

Yes, and it's awesome. It's like a country club up there... chaise lounges, umbrellas, heat lamps, sunshine (if you're lucky) and always a cool view.

I highly recommend it. The restraunt on the first floor looks cool but we didn't eat there.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I'm Sick

I should be at home, in bed, sleeping with a dog at my feet. Unfortunately today is payroll processing day so I gotta be at work to process payroll. It's great job security being the only person who knows the ins & outs of what I do... but... It's days like today when I wish I wasn't so darn indespensible.

Not only do I have sore throat, runny nose & tired eyes but the office burgler alarm is on the fritz so every 8 seconds it runs a self-testing high pitched beep.... beep.... beep.... beep

Last night I made a pot of hot & sour soup. It's my latest favorite "sick food". Thanks to Elmar for introducing me to this delicious & quick recipe. I brought the leftovers to work today for lunch.

Please let me get payroll done quickly so I can go home.

sniffle... cough... ahem...

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

How I spent my Labor Day weekend

Jane planned this weekend's trip to kayak Mono Lake & explore the eastern Sierras (click the header for a description) as my birthday present. Our trip was booked through REI but our guides came from Current Adventures

It was great! I highly recommend a trip like this. We showed up to a fully set up camp and were sat in front of a fire and offered cocoa, tea or coffee. The guides did EVERYTHING for us... cooked enormous meals, drove us around, moved equipment, planned activities, cleaned up... It felt so strange to be turned away when offering to help out.

Mono lake is very cool. We ended up covered in streams of salt from the splashing water. After a full morning of paddling & vising the museum of Mono Lake we went for a long hike through beaver dams and waterfalls. We ended the trip with a morning paddle on Silver Lake (located on the June Lake Loop off HWY 395). Glaciers created some beauty! Sheer granite walls, cascades, crystal clear waters and hardly any other people on the lake. I will definately return.

Thanks Jane and all the family for contributing to this trip. It was awesome.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Blog for Relief Day

If you are a blogger click on the header and add your name to the list.

Hurricane Katrina: Blog for Relief Day
Thursday, September 1
A day of blogging focused on raising awareness of and funds for relief efforts to aid those affected by Hurricane Katrina. See here for more information, and here for the TTLB Katrina topic page.