Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A brunch of gays...

My dad and I liked to discover the odd names given to a group of animals. Jane and I used to find humor in making up names for groups of anything (see the title above)... I just found a list of official names so I share it with you. Feel free to post a comment if you think of a good one:

A shrewdness of apes
A pace of asses
A rumpus of baboons
A congress of baboons
A culture of bacteria
A cete of badgers
A battery of barracudas
A shoal of bass
A sleuth of bears
A grist of bees
A volery of birds
A sounder of boars
An obstinacy of buffalo
A clutter of cats
A bed of clams
A quiver of cobras
A rag of colts
A cover of coots
A kine of cows (twelve cows are a flink)
A band of coyote
A sedge or siege of cranes
A bask of crocodiles
A murder of crows
A dule of doves
A paddling of ducks
A convocation of eagles
A gang of elks
A mob of emus
A charm of falcons
A fesnyng of ferrets
A draught of fish
A skulk of foxes
An army of frogs
A totter/tower of giraffes
A husk of hares
A kettle of hawks
An array of hedgehogs
A hedge of herons
A thunder of hippos
A bloat of hippos
A smack of jellyfish
A troop of kangaroos
An intrigue of kittens
An ascension of larks
An exaltation of larks
A leap (leep) of leopards
A tiding of magpies
A sord of mallards
A labor of moles
A troop of monkeys
A barren of mules
A parliament of owls
A company of parrots
A pandemonium of parrots
A covey of partridges
An ostentation of peacocks
A bouquet of pheasants
A rhumba of rattlesnakes
An unkindness of ravens
A conspiracy of ravens
A crash of rhinos
A shiver of sharks
A host of sparrows
A dray of squirrels
A murmuration of starlings
A mustering of storks
A lamentation of swans
A doylt of swine
An ambush of tigers
A hide of tigers
A knot of toads
A durante of toucans
A hover of trout
A rafter of turkeys
A pitying of turtledoves
A bale of turtles
A pladge of wasps
A sneak of weasels
A gam of whales
A descent of woodpeckers