Thursday, April 06, 2006

Graduation Day

We love Sirius Dog Training's methods and our teacher was awesome. Here is a pic. of Granite's graduation:

We start continuing education in June. This is just some of what she'll be the master of...

(Sit, Down, and Stand)to estimate your puppy's reliability to verbal cues and fading hand signals

Advanced attention—extended eye contact

Placement—go to your mat and settle-down

Rev and settle-calming the crazies

Loose-leash walking and heeling

Sit and Down Stays—with mega-distractions

Emergency distance Sit or Down

Real Life Recall— from play session with distraction

Plus continued work on Collar Grabs and Sits during the play session,

Handling and Gentling, and Object Exchanges

At least we'll have one dog who can do what it's told.

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