Monday, April 10, 2006

Oh The Terror

I my have inflicted permanent emotional damage with Granite yesterday. I was working on "distance commands" - getting the dog to sit, down etc regardless of the distance between me & her. Once the skill is mastered she should sit when I tell her at 100 yards (ha ha ha).

I had her leash tethered to the leg of the table next to the front door. This would keep her in one place while I moved to various locations around the living room, dining room and hallway, give the command and reward her for sitting. She was doing pretty well so I thought I'd walk down the hall, through the kitchen & reappear in the dining room for the next command.

Woops! Bad idea. I heard a crash and rumble rumble rumble. She tried to follow me down the hallway while tied to the table. That four month old puppy is strong enough to drag it along with her. The problem is that the top heavy table toppled over, the crash freaked her out and she was now on a tear to get away from the furniture that was chasing her. She looked so scared. I felt horrible.

I caught her at the end of the hall and undid the leash, Jane returned the table & contents to their original position. Granite stood frozen in fear. She was terrified of the hallway for the rest of the night.

End of training session for the day.

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elainepill said...

that had me laughing so hard i was crying. as soon as i read that she was attached to the table, i knew what was going to happen...